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If you want to start a self-mining operation or hosting services,
Digital Mining Solutions is here to help!
WE OFFER:> Rackspace for miners between 100KW and 6MW.> Support in scoping sites & set-up of mining operation.> Guidance in how to start and grow your mining business.

why start a mining operation?

> Create cashflow.> Diversify business income.> Convert excess power into revenue.> Offset costs like an empty office / warehouse.> Expand balance sheet with another currency.> Contribute to the security of the Bitcoin Network.

Benefits of mining

> An operation can be built in any location with internet access.> A miner can interrupt its energy consumption at a moment's notice.> It is possible to combine different amounts of mining machines into different levels of load, making it modular.> It is portable, you can move the machines to another location.

about dms

Nico Smid, Founder of Digital Mining Solutions, is an international business and trade promotion expert with 15 years of experience in business development and -growth. Bitcoin investor since early 2017 & miner since 2021.Digital Mining Solutions collaborates with trustworthy partners in South America and has clients from Europe and the US.

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